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Many of our brands were founded in the mid-1800's and have been trusted by generations. While most companies have a life span of 50-60 years, the average age of our brands is 122 years! We feel a deep sense of pride and responsibility to carry on the tradition of these brands by delivering high quality products including our 100% Non-GMO seeds and OMRI listed Organic plant food.

Ferry-Morse® Home Gardening

Founded in 1856, Ferry-Morse seeds have been sold continuously since before Abe Lincoln was President. Perhaps even more impressive is the company’s history of innovation. Ferry-Morse invented the practice of selling seeds to home gardeners in individual illustrated packets, available to home gardeners by way of racks he created to showcase the seed varieties. Over 160 years later, this method has stood the test of time as seeds are still packaged and displayed this way.

Ferry-Morse also set the industry standards for seed quality including insisting upon seed freshness and testing germination rates. As a result, Ferry-Morse has earned the trust and respect of retailers and home gardeners across the country.

Jiffy® Seed Starting

In the 1950s a resourceful gardener from Norway invented the Jiffypot®, a biodegradable planting pot made from compressed peat that can be transplanted with the plant.

Jiffy created another industry breakthrough with the Jiffy pellet. The idea started with a nylon stocking to hold the soil… which, as it turns out, creates a well-aerated pot for healthy root growth. Over the years, the stocking evolved into high-tech netting that provides roots with the optimum amount of air and water. The end result: faster and stronger growth resulting in higher yields.

Today Jiffy seed starting products are used by professional and experienced growers around the world.

SUPERthrive® Plant Nutrients

Invented in 1939, SUPERthrive has had a fabulous journey that few products can match — all thanks to the creativity and passion of its founder, Dr. John Thomson.

Dr. Thomson’s was forever proud of his World’s Fair Gold Medal in Science and Industry awarded to SUPERthrive in 1940. Our favorite bit of history is that SUPERthrive was used in Disneyland® Park’s opening in 1955 to keep the new landscaping alive in the 100 degree summer weather.

We’re proud to carry on the legacy of Dr. Thomson’s invention with a suite of natural plant nutrients including Organic granular plant food and Organic fish emulsion.


Livingston® Seed

Can you imagine a world without tomatoes? Founded in 1850, Livingston is best known for bringing the modern tomato to the world. A.W. Livingston improved tomatoes by making them more flavorful by selecting and growing out plants with the best characteristics. Prior to his work, tomatoes were considered ornamental rather than edible! Livingston bred and released 35 tomato varieties, creating the cultural preference for one of today’s most beloved vegetables. Today Livingston is the number one supplier of top-quality, Non-GMO seeds for independent businesses.

Jiffy Hydro® Hydroponics

Our youngest brand, Jiffy Hydro makes the world of hydroponics accessible to the home gardener. With grow lights, heat mats, nutrients and hydroponic grow systems, gardeners can now grow year-round indoors.

McKenzie® Seed

McKenzie is Canada's #1 seed packet company. A leader and innovator in the gardening industry since 1896, McKenzie Seeds offers unsurpassed quality and deep commitment to the customer. McKenzie products are available in over 4,500 garden centers, independents and major retailers across Canada. McKenzie continues to set industry standards while being conscious and responsive to the growing concerns involved with food: cost, quality and safety.

American Seed Wildflowers

American® Seed

Since 1897, gardeners have trusted American Seed to provide the best value in the marketplace. American Seed offers high quality products with a goal of remaining affordable for consumers. We take pride in helping families across the country enjoy gardening and the fresh foods and flowers the garden produces.

NK Pro-Hex Seed Starting Tray

NK® Lawn & Garden

NK has been providing home & professional gardeners with a wide assortment of seed packet varieties and starter kits since 1884. With over 130 years of history, NK Lawn & Garden is best known for cold-hardy seed and innovation via creative "first to market" starter kits.


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