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  • NK Lawn & Garden

    Since 1890, NK has been known for supplying home & professional gardeners the highest quality products.

  • Seed Packets

    NK offers more than 500 varieties including new introductions each season. With over 100 years of experience we supply gardeners with the best and most reliable varieties. NK is one of the most trusted names in the industry.

  • Organic Packets

    Perfect for use in organic growing environments, these seeds are 100% organically grown. Remember, organic gardening is more about what you do to the seeds after they grow.

  • Foil Seed Packets

    Continuing on its innovation, NK was first to introduce foil packets to the industry in 2010. These packets preserve the seed longer, which can result in higher germination because the seed is impacted less for changes in temperature and humidity.

  • Plastic Seed Starter Trays

    Quality greenhouse trays and cell pack inserts along with clear greenhouse domes help seeds germinate faster. Available in multiple shapes and sizes for all your gardening needs.

  • Fiber Seed Starter Pots

    Our fiber pots are made from all natural recycled materials. Available in a number of assorted sizes they can be planted directly into the ground as they are completely biodegradable. Pots encourage strong root growth and eliminate transplant shock.

  • Fiber Seed Starter Trays

    Our fiber seed starter trays are made from all natural recycled materials. Pots can be planted directly into the ground as they are completely biodegradable. Eliminates transplant shock to the plants.

  • Fiber Starter Pellet Trays

    These all natural fiber greenhouse tray include expandable starter pellets and humidity domes to start young seedlings off right. Fast, rapidly expanding starter pellets are available in convenient 18-refill packs.

  • Starting Mix and Amendments

    NK offers high quality, professional grade mixtures for starting seeds indoors. Given the professional quality, many gardeners also use the product for potting young plants in containers.

  • Grow Kits with Seeds

    Convenient and attractive kits offer popular seed varieties that are great gifts and hobby items. Perfect for indoor or outdoor use.

  • Peat Pellet Garden Kits

    Excellent value! These kits can produce up to 10 plants indoors for early garden starting. Complete with (10) expandable peat pellets, quality seed, a recyclable waterproof tray and humidity dome.

  • Pro-Hex Root Development Tray

    Use what the professionals use! The revolutionary hexagon cells encourage a better and stronger root system. It eliminates circular roots which stunts seedling development.

  • NK Wildflower Boxes

    Our best-selling wildflower varieties are custom blended and mixed with horticultural vermiculite for easy sowing. Features 6" tall cartons that have convenient side pour spouts and can cover up to 100 square feet.

Your single source for quality garden seeds, wildflowers, seed starting, grow kits and lawn seed.
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