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Endive (Cichorium endivia) belongs to the chicory genus and its leaves are rich in many vitamins and minerals, especially in folate and vitamins A and K, and is high in fiber.

There are two main varieties of cultivated endive:

1.  Curly Endive, or Frisée (var crispum).  This type has narrow, green, curly outer leaves. It is sometimes called chicory in the United States and called chicorée frisée in France.

2.  Escarole, or Broad-leaved Endive (var latifolia) has broad, pale green leaves and is less bitter than the other varieties.  Escarole is also named as Bavarian Endive, Batavian Endive, and Scarola.  It is eaten like other greens, sautéed, chopped into soups and stews, or as part of a green salad.

Our varieties of Endive

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