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Savory refers to herbs of the genus Satureja: particularly Summer Savory (Satureja hortensis) – an annual herb used to flavor food; and, Winter Savory (Satureja montana) – a perennial herb also used to flavor food, but less common than Summer Savory.

1.  Summer Savory is the better known of the savory species. It is an annual used more often than Winter Savory because of its sweeter, more delicate aroma.  Summer Savory is a traditional, popular herb in Canada where it is used the same way sage is used in the U.S. It is the main flavoring in many sausages; in dressing made alongside various cooked fowl; and, in stews. It is also widely used as a seasoning for grilled meats and barbecues.

The Summer Savory plant has lilac tubular flowers that bloom from July to September. It grows from 1 to 2 feet tall and has very slender, bronze-green leaves. It likes rich, light soil in a sunny area. Be patient with the germination time of the seeds. The young plants in early spring can be first topped for fresh use in June. When the plants are in flower, they may be pulled up and dried for winter use.

2.  Winter Savory is a perennial herb with a bit more “Bite” and stronger taste than Summer Savory. It is little-used in today’s gardens compared to the summer species, but can be used very much the same for cooking.

The plant is easy to grow, semi-evergreen, semi-woody, and reaches aheight of about 16 inches. The leaves are short and very thin, and the plant produces white flowers. It makes an attractive border plant for any culinary herb garden and requires 6 hours of sun daily in well-drained soil.

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